Baby Davy: a 3D ultrasound of our baby at only 12 weeks! Technology is amazing...

Baby Davy: a 3D ultrasound of our baby at only 12 weeks!  Technology is amazing...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Post Ever

Thank you for coming to view our baby blog! We thought that since we are all the way Down Under and unable to share this beautiful time with you, perhaps it might be a good idea to keep you posted, even in a small way, about our transition and progress to parenthood! We do miss you all dearly, and hope you'll stop by our blog often to catch up! Make sure to vote on whether you think it's a boy or girl! Scroll down to the bottom and post your best guess about what the name might be! Yes, we did find out at our 20 week scan about our baby's gender, however that's just one big secret isn't it?! We've also decided on a first and middle name, but obviously that too will be under lock and key until the big day! All I can say is that our baby's name was decided upon within the first week (one option for a boy and another for if it's a girl) after we found out I was pregnant- there was very little need for discussion. In any event, we'll be very entertained by your guesses!

Today marks the beginning of my 24th week of pregnancy. I'm feeling great and enjoying life here in New Zealand. Dan is the best husband a lady could ever ask for- with my growing need for help in carrying groceries, walking up the stairs or tying my shoes, Dan is ever insistent on making sure I am taken care of. Now that I'm only 4 weeks away from entering the 3rd trimester, I am really starting to get quite a baby bump! Thanks to my dear mom who sent a "baby band" for Christmas, I am able to still fit into a few pairs of pre-pregnancy shorts and pants. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep that up, as things are expanding at an alarming rate.


  1. I love the quote you chose. I look forward to seeing more. :)

  2. Hmmm... Daniel Junior I reckon, middle name? John Paul! Haha nah... um.... Ezekial? Elijah?

    Daniel Elijah Davy...lovely! AKA Junior

    I'm gonna guess a date too and that date is... right on time, June 2, early morning.

    Because it is, get this, The Feast of the Holy Trinity (in Greece)...coincidence anyone, plus Pope Leo AND Pope Pius was born on June 2, exactly 300 years apart...also its Childrens Day in N. Korea

    It is also apparently the following Saints Days:
    Saint Elmo
    Saint Eugene I
    Saint Alexander
    Saint Blandina
    Saint Felix of Nicosia

    Please please do not name your baby Elmo or Eugene or Blandina!