Baby Davy: a 3D ultrasound of our baby at only 12 weeks! Technology is amazing...

Baby Davy: a 3D ultrasound of our baby at only 12 weeks!  Technology is amazing...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, here we are at 38.5 weeks. I am bigger than big, slower than slow, sleepy, achy and hungry all the time. Very few of my maternity clothes still fit and I find myself wearing the same 3 pairs of sweatpants and t shirts over and over again. If I had a job, I'd have left a long while back at this point! I am more than ready for Baby to come! There have been many contractions, but sadly, not the real ones. We are almost moved into our new home, but alas for not having a bed yet (STILL!), we are not sleeping there yet. CAN'T WAIT TO BE FULLY MOVED IN!!!!

Hospital bag is ready and is in the trunk of our car (Kiwi's here call a 'trunk' a 'boot') so I should say the hospital bag is in the boot. The nursery in our new house is almost done. We don't have a crib (Kiwi's say 'cot') yet, but we're not so worried about that because we'll be doing a combination of a bassinette next to our bed and 'co-sleeping' (not to worry- we have it worked out!) for the first 6 months or so. Our friends who are returning to the UK are generously donating tons of stuff to us, including a very nice, gently used crib. We are so grateful to them.

Speaking of donated/used items, we are very blessed actually. We've pretty much outfitted our entire house with items that are either a) from garage sales or b)donated/given by friends. Funny thing is, everything looks amazing and you wouldn't guess from looking that it's all used! Furniture is tasteful, clean and color coordinated, kitchenware is immaculate, bedroom and bathroom stuff looks great! It's amazing what can be found for pennies. The only brand new, store bought items we have are some cheap wooden book shelves (on sale at the "Warehouse"- NZ's Walmart), a new single mattress for guests, a new shower curtain liner, and new bedding linens for ourselves and our guests. All of our baby clothes, blankets and towels are gifts. It's just so wonderful and amazing that when you step out in faith, knowing that your path in life is what God wants, even when you don't know how all the money and necessities will be there, He provides! We are so grateful.

Anyway, I truly hope that Baby will be born in the next week or two! It's now quite a drain on my body, but more than that, we just want to meet our child! My mom flies into the country next Thursday morning. We are so excited to be at the airport to pick her up when she arrives! Finally she'll get to experience Kiwi life and her first grandchild for the first time!

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  1. What news, Julie? I assume the baby was born by now!! Hope you're catching up on sleep and snuggling the munchkin. Do post when you have a chance. -- Maria Johnson